over 20 years of experience

in insulation technology, fire, cold and sound protection,

  • 1976


    The company “A. und H. Hunger – Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall-, und Brandschutz” that was founded in 1929 was taken over by Erwin Kantwerg.
    A new company called “Erwin Kantwerg – Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall-, und Brandschutz-Isolierungen” was founded.
    With a wide range of services and individual solutions, the company Erwin Kantwerg quickly established itself as a successful specialist and reliable partner to its customers.

  • 1986

    The company was renamed “Erwin Kantwerg Wärme-, Kälte-, Schall-, und Brandschutz-Isoliertechnik GmbH”.



  • 1996


    The safety management system was certified.
    High quality products and consulting services, but also flexible reaction to the changing needs of the market. The Kantwerg company grew and no longer just operated regionally.

  • 1997

    Divided into the following company groups:
    Kantwerg Isoliertechnik GmbH
    Kantwerg Trockenbau und Brandschutz GmbH
    Kantwerg Fertigung von Oberflächenschutz und Vertrieb GmbH



  • 1998


    Certification to ISO 9001 for the whole company group.
    A product and service range that meets the strictest of requirements. Environmental conservation measures, environmentally-compatible working methods and the use of extensively tested materials.

  • 2005

    Expansion of the service range to include planning and realisation of cooling and heated ceiling systems.



  • 2006


    Purchase of the building at Hohleichweg 12 in 76189 Karlsruhe. The production of finished parts for dry construction and fire protection and also cooling and heated ceiling systems was expanded.

  • 2008

    Foundation of the company “Kantwerg Kühl- und Heizdeckensysteme GmbH”, Hohleichweg 22, 76189 Karlsruhe and opening of a branch office in 71282 Hemmingen/Stuttgart, Schauchertstraße 43.

    Introduction of the cooling and heated ceiling system “Kantwerg Kombi M 195”, which was developed, tested and patented by the company, for use in plasterboard, metal and aluminium ceilings.

    Continuous training for our staff guarantees that the solutions supplied by the Kantwerg-group are always state-of-the-art and that the current and future legislation is always taken into consideration.



  • 2009


    Production office in France opened on 01.01.2009.
    Subsidiary in France
    Kantwerg Techniques d’isolations
    67470 Seltz

  • 2012

    In June 2012 the company founder Erwin Kantwerg passed away.
    The company will continue proceedings in the second generation along his lines and his sound principles.



  • 2014


    As a result of the constant growth of our company group, Kantwerg Trockenbau und Brandschutz GmbH moved into new premises in Hohleichweg 12. Our employees now have have the necessary space to let their creativity run free.

    Comprehensive consultancy, individual solution concepts and on-schedule, customized implementation – these are the key principles of the Kantwerg enterprise group.

  • 2015

    Herr Pascal Kantwerg ist seit Jan. 2015 Handwerksmeister WKSB



  • 2016

    Kantwerg Trockenbau und Brandschutz GmbH befindet sich seit 2016 in eigenen Räumen im Hohleichweg 12.

  • 2017

    Die Firma Kantwerg Kühl- und Heizflächensysteme befindet sich seit 2017 in eigenen Räumen im Zeppelinring 1, 71735 Eberdingen-Hochdorf